Our Housesitting Experience

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Deacon and May

For Kersti and Matt in Michigan, we cared for May and Deacon for two weeks. This pair was great. They loved to play in the back yard and get cuddles. 

Hunter, Roxie, Sasha, Mia, and Molly

For home owners Linda and Jim in Alberta, we cared Hunter, Roxie, Sasha, and cats Molly and Mia for about two weeks. 

This is Hunter – look at that beautiful face.   Poor guy suffered from a thyroid condition and needed meds added to his food. Super gentle and lovable. 

Roxie was energetic beyond her years. She wanted to play but her joints quickly reminded her she had to slow down. We administered meds to both her and Hunter. 

Roxie was the family puppy. Super friendly and cuddly, she loved to run around and had a habit of licking you until you gave her belly scratches. She cut open her paw while playing outside but we fixed her up. Molly and Mia were easy going and loved to cuddle.

Belle and Tuli

This is Belle and Tuli. We cared for them for Jules and Randy in Indiana for 12 days. These two were super gentle and loved cuddles. 

They both loved taking walks but had to take it easy because of pre-existing hip issues. 

Amadeus, Jax, and Dexter

For Rebecca in Indiana, we cared for Amadeus, Jax, and Dexter for 7 days. 

Amadeus was a challenging one for us; he absolutely HATED having us in his home. He was a tough customer. 🙂

He would bark aggressively at us then run away whimpering when we’d approach him. 

It took us many days of work to get him to like us. The funny thing is he warmed up to Gina first, but still barked at the rest of us. Then he warmed up to Mackenzie… but still barked at Taylor, Abby and myself. Then he warmed up to Taylor, then days later to me. Only on the last days did he give his approval to Abby. : )

By the end we were all able to pick his up, and pet, and cuddle with him. 

Daisy and Indy

This is Daisy and Indy. We cared for them for Maryanne in Maryland. We actually arrived at this housesit without meeting Maryanne in person; she left us the keys in the mailbox. We prefer to meet the pets with the owners present, but we couldn’t make that happen.

Maryanne lived alone, so we weren’t sure how the dogs would deal with men in the house. Just to make sure, Gina entered Maryanne’s house first with treats. Then Mackenzie and Abby went in; No aggression. Then Taylor and I entered last. No trouble, only tail wags. 🙂

Hali and Celina

For Sarah in Pennsylvania, we cared for Hali and Celina. Both were well behaved and great company.

Kaiser and Georgie

This is Kaiser and Georgie we cared for Loretta in British Columbia. 

Farmer, Bagheera, Apple Sauce, Pepper, Dunes, Bentley, and Dozer – Wow that’s a lot

We had a special request from friends Aimee and Kayle in British Columbia; care for both their pets and family business while they took a vacation. 

Bentley (Shepherd) loved the kids and loved belly rubs. Dozer (Rottweiler) was big, imposing, and a total puppy dog who loved head scratches.

Angus and Muffy

Over the Christmas holiday, we cared for Angus and Muffy for a nice lady named Linda. Linda had taken in these two over the past couple months, so they were pretty skittish. Angus was really laid-back, but Muffy was much more nervous. After several days, she was pretty comfortable around us.

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