Mackenzie’s Corner

Director of Fashion


Mackenzie left behind a world of fame and fortune to travel with her family. Oh and she can recite lines from pretty much any Harry Potter movie.

Looks good, even after the toque comes off.

One Chicago

When I refer to ”One Chicago” I’m talking about the three TV series: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, which all together create One …
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Stalagmites and stalactites

What is a stalagmite and a stalactite? Well stalagmites and stalactites are rock and mineral formations found in caves. They look like spikes coming up …
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Indianapolis zoo

Recently (Tuesday, October 14 2019, to be exact) mom, dad, Abby and I wen’t to the Indianapolis Zoo. They have about 1400 different animals from …
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Horse back riding

Friday September 20 2019, Mom, Abby and I went horse back riding at Ironstone Ranch. They’re property is about 275 acres. As it is big, …
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The Battle of Gettysburg.

The American Civil war Battle of Gettysburg, took place in 1863, it was the the bloodiest battle in American history. The battle of Gettysburg took …
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The Liberty Bell

Photo from the Independence National Historic Park Library and Archives, Philadelphia PA. The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence and freedom, located in …
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Historic Lititz street sign

Our day in Lititz

August 26 2019, our day starts off in the country at our airbnb, to get the day started, this morning i made lunch for the …
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