Taylor’s Spot

Chief Medal Winner


Taylor’s the big-time snowboarder of the family. When he’s not complaining about doing the dishes, he’s coming up with new ways of bugging his sisters.


Pennsylvania has a population of 12,807,060. Pennsylvania is located at 41.2033° N, 77.1945° W. Here are some more facts about Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is 274 km …
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Field of Screams

So on Friday, September 20th Dad and I went to the Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA. …
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So Tuesday, September 17th we went to Gettysburg. We went on a bike tour of the national civil war Battleground while dad was working at …
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Washington Monument

Yesterday, September 12, 2019, we went to Washington DC. We saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln memorial. We couldn’t go in it because it …
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Maryland Seafood Festival

So Saturday, September 7th we went to the Maryland Seafood Festival. It was fun and in the end, there were fireworks. There were a couple …
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The USS Olympia

So yesterday we went to Philadelphia, PA and we went to multiple museums including the Independence Seaport Museum (formerly the Philadelphia Maritime Museum). There we …
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Driving Dog

Part 1 of the drive to BC

https://vimeo.com/355883469 A four minute time laps of our 5 hour drive, from Albany, NY to New Holland, PA. Video by Taylor Music by James Brown …
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KISS band

KISS concert 2019

Dad and I went to a KISS concert in Ottawa last night! Was my first rock concert, and it was amazing. They had fireworks, explosions, and …
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