A Visit to Turkey Run State Park

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One thing we’ve learned while on our trip is to not force the kids to go on an outing they don’t want to go on. Just because I think the Space Shuttle is cool, and you’re crazy if you don’t, it doesn’t mean Abby or Mackenzie will; The outing will just end up being hell for most people.

So we decided to split up for the day. We left the girls at home to watch movies, while Taylor wanted to go mountain biking.

Dropping off Taylor at a mountain bike park about 25 minutes from the house.

A Visit to Turkey Run State Park

There was some sort of covered bridge festival going on in Indiana, so Gina and I decided to go take a look. After some research, Gina had us drive out to Turkey Run State Park.

Turkey Run State Park is a beautiful place with hiking trails, a slow moving river, and a few historic covered bridges.

Gypsy Gulch

The hiking trails generally follow the river bank. Some of them head off into the woods and if you venture off, you could find something cool. One of the things we found was Gypsy Gulch, this cool U-shaped opening in the side of the mountain caused by erosion.

Found some covered bridges!

So Many Stairs

Some of the trails get pretty steep so they built steps using natural stone.

Rocky Hallow Nature Preserve

The coolest find by far was the Rocky Hallow Nature Preserve. It was 4:30pm and Gina and I were just about to head back to the truck when I decided to look around the next corner.

Rocky Hallow is one of Indiana’s protected areas has its own micro-climate. As you walk up to the opening, you can immediately feel a sharp increase in humidity and the temperature drops by quite a bit.

This old river bed was etched out of the ground after hundreds of thousands of years of water erosion.

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