Arrived in New Holland, PA

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Easiest US Border Crossing Ever

Crossing at the US border just south of Montreal at Lacolle Inspection Station.

I’ve been through my share of border crossings before. And I know agents are trained to ask you different, though similar, questions to try to trip up people who have something to hide.

I wasn’t sure they’d be too keen on us being in the US for as long as three months without a game of 20 questions. Honestly, I didn’t really want to be answering questions about working remotely while in the US.

You explain that in the wrong way to the wrong border guard and suddenly they think you’re stealing an American job.

So I told the kids to let me do the talking and especially not correct me if I were to say something like, oh… that we’re driving down under the Great Lakes on our way to B.C. and then popping back out and into Canada on the other side. All of which is true.

Except if it were to come up, we’d be doing it in three weeks, not three months.

Anyways, we pull up to the agent and it pretty much goes exactly like this:

Him: “Where are you going”

Me: “Albany”

Him: “Why?”

Me: “Albany is our stop for the night, but tomorrow we’re headed to Pennsylvania”

Now he starts sliding each of our passports through his scanner… then hands them back to me.

Him: “Bye”

Me: “Thanks!”

That was the easiest crossing with a US border guard ever. Even the Canadian guards are more thorough than that.

Abby the happy navigator
Abby’s always a great navigator

First night in Albany, NY

Gina booked a couple rooms at the Ramada Plaza in Albany. I remember when Ramada’s were fancy. This one wasn’t. Staff was nice, but the hotel common areas weren’t really clean. Our rooms were good though, clean and smelled good.

Day Two: Headed to New Holland, PA

Got up early, had our continental breakfast, and hit the road for New Holland.

After a quick grocery run at Walmart in Airmont, NY, we head over into neighbouring New Jersey.

There’s nothing like the feel of stinky feet while you’re driving.

We get off the highway at a small town called Boonton, NJ. We found a neat little place called Grace Lord Park with an old rail track crossing over a stream and we setup our lunch.

Our own little tail-gate party.

We arrived at our new diggs just before 5pm.

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