Yeah, that looks gross. That's why its so cool!

Dawson City and the Sourtoe Cocktail

So Gina and I are also now members of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club at Dawson City’s Sourdough Saloon.

You have to toss back a shot glass containing a beverage of your choice topped off with a dehydrated, severed toe.

This is the Captain.

He offers you a choice of two toes; a small one and a bigger one. I chose the big one – it kind of looked like a spare rib. : )

“Drink the whiskey fast or slow, but your lips have to touch the toe”

Total cost? $8 for the Captain’s services and $7.25 for the shot. And totally worth it. Just look at that sweet certificate!

What’s the best accompaniment for severed human toe, you ask? Well Two Brewers Single Malt Yukon Whiskey, of course.

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