Hiking along the Clearwater River

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Gina, Mackenzie, and I went for a “walk-about” along the Clearwater River. Its a dirt road that stretches up to a certain spot, then there’s a gate that’s closed. It’s like it enters yet another provincial park, except there’s no sign.

At a certain point, the road was barred closed due to COVID-19. We just parked and started walking.

It became clear why the road was closed.

For a second there, I thought I was back in Montreal.

They probably close this road over the winter. The condition of the road tells me they closed it off due to COVID but before they started their post-winter maintenance.

This was a small avalanche. At first we thought it was a land-slide, but when you approach it, you can see its just debris on top of some hard snow.

A boat launch likely used by white water rafting companies.

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