House for sale front yard

The house is listed!

Well almost.

So the big day is tomorrow. Our house is being listed sometime before noon.

Lots of work has gone into getting the house ready for market. New kitchen counter tops, new flooring in the girls rooms, a new roof, and I refinished the kitchen cabinets (and got 4-months worth of tennis elbow for my troubles).

It’s funny. Had someone asked me just last year how attached I was to the house, I would have said “Very”. But if you’d ask me now, I’d say “Not so much”. We’ve realized that a house is just a thing. It’s a building.

A “home” is what you make, and the family being together is just that; a home. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a house in Winchester, Ontario, in an apartment in BC, or in an RV.

The Big Purge

One of the big benefits of getting the house ready for market was purging much of the stuff we had. We were amazed how much junk we had accumulated over 16 years.

Just think about it. You pick up something new and put it away “just in case” you might need it later. We had 5 comforter/duvets and nobody really liked using them.

Why did we keep them? Well just in case we’d need them, of course — Baloney!

We donated as much useful stuff to the a local community organization called House of Lazarus.

Gina arranged to get a dumpster parked smack-dab in the middle of the driveway. Then we spent a week filling it with crap we knew we just couldn’t donate or sell.

Gotta say, it felt weird having the house pretty much as empty as possible.

The kids weren’t always happy with the change though. It’s definitely true that we’re forcing them into this transition, but we can only hope they’ll be happy at the other end.

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