Our day in Lititz

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August 26 2019, our day starts off in the country at our airbnb, to get the day started, this morning i made lunch for the day. We all ready to go into Lititz where were all exited and ready to go to the pretzel bakery.

Everything prepared for the day {so we thought} we leave for Lititz. once at the pretzel bakery we realize that mom forgot her purse back at the airbnb, so, we turn back and now were ready. Back at the pretxzel bakery were 15 minutes early so we decide to go the coffee roatisserie Wiff, just around the corner, we were able to taste a couple coffees and returned top the bakery.

The tour commences, we give our tickets and walk into a room where we learn how to twist a pretzel properly and all about them history of the bakery. Julius Sturgis bakery started with a man named Julius Sturgis, at 15 he worked at a bread and pretzel bakery where his job was to take off the burnt and hard bread from the ovens one day he decided to taste a piece. To his surprise and delight it was delicious, he pitched the idea of a hard pretzel to his boss who then denied the idea and told Julius to go back to work. At the age of twenty six he opened his own bakery. He got his 14 children to work at he’s bakery.

The pretzel dough was made of four main ingredients: flour, malt, water and yeast those ingredients where mixed together then left to rise for twenty-four hours. Then it was twisted into the pretzel shape and then left on the proofing table for fifteen minutes then it dipped in rotten straw water {now we use a baking soda and water solution} and that give the pretzel its signature colour and taste then was baked twice.

Back when Julius first opened his bakery there where ten pretzel bakeries in town so Julius moved to a bigger facilities where they had machines to twist their pretzels, which the machines were more efficient then people, because they did not take bathroom brakes and they did not need to be paid 10 cents the hour, but on the downside each machine only twisted 40 pretzel the minute well humans twisted 50 the minute.As years went by other objects where developed and a new method came up and it is used still to this day.

As decades went by Julius died and one of his grandsons took over the company his name was Merlon Sturgis, he started working at grandfathers factory when he was just a boy he started mimicking one of the older workers ho’s name was Tom. Merlon mimicked Tom so much people started calling him little Tom, Merlon like that name more than own, so when he went on to bigger factory he by the name Tom Sturgis and that is the name we see on ur pretzel bags.

Once our tour was over we started walking down to Wilbur’s chocolate “factory” {the factory was torn down ages ago so just looked at the shop} we were aloud to taste a few chocolate buds but besides that there was not much at all. Just across the road was beautiful pond with plenty of ducks and an old train cabin with an old train station. So after walking around we went down the street to Olio’s balsamic vinegars and oils.

Inside of Olio’s there were dozens of oils and balsamic vinegars which all cold be tasted, so we did, we tasted them. Our least favourites where: the chocolate covered strawberry balsamic, the maple walnut balsamic, the chocolate balsamic and the passionfruit, pomegranate and orange balsamic. Our favourite ones where: the key lime pie balsamic, the chocolate raspberry balsamic, the blackberry ginger balsamic, the chocolate marshmallow {which tasted like s’mores} and the hickory balsamic {which we used on our chicken for dinner}.

At the end of the day we looked for a badly advertised polo game but did not find it. Once home dad, Abby, Taylor and I went for a short bike ride then we settle down for dinner and a family movie.

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