Naming Our New Truck

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Lots of traveling families give their vehicle a name. We wanted to get in on that action and do the same. Our travel vehicle is a black Ford F-150 with a silver truck cap

I liked the “Beast” because it gives me a good reason to yell out “Beast Mode!” when turning on the 4WD. 

I think it was Mackenzie who came up with the “Falcon“, probably after the Millennium Falcon. That’s a good one. 

Abby liked “Eagle” which suits the truck nicely considering the truck’s colour motif. 

Taylor put tons of effort into it and came up with “Patricia”. 

So we have:

  • Beast (Yeah!)
  • Falcon
  • Eagle

..and Patricia

I think Gina went with Taylor and voted for Patricia. So that’s two for Patricia, and only one vote for each of the others.

So Patricia it is. : )

BTW, I still say “Beast Mode” when flipping on the 4WD.

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