The Liberty Bell

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Liberty Bell
Photo from the Independence National Historic Park Library and Archives, Philadelphia PA.

The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence and freedom, located in Philadelphia PA. Once placed in the steeple of the Pensilvania State house. The Bell today is located in the Liberty Bell center in independence National Park.

How did it get it’s crack? During it’s manufacturing process the metals used (copper and tin) were not mixed properly so the bell was brittle and fragile. Well in use a small crack occurred and set it off tone. Well trying to fix it, a bigger crack was made.

The Liberty Bell is so important to Americans do to it being a sign of freedom and independence. When it was first in use it was used to assemble law marks to logistic meetings and Peale to public meetings.

An interesting fact about the bell is that it was rung on July 8 1776. Which just so happens to be the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Also on the bell this following bible verse is written: Liberty throughout all the inhabitants thereof.

Photo taken by Dennis McLaughlin.

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