The Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake, YK

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We visited Watson Lake’s Sign Post Forest today. It’s pretty amazing seeing how many different visitors have been here. This tradition was started back in 1942 during the construction of the Alaska Highway. A US solder was recovering in Watson Lake of an injury.

When repairing some posts, he put up a sign pointing in the direction of his home town. From then on, the tradition continued and visitors to Watson Lake continue to add signs every year.

We follow a few traveling families on Youtube. One of them is Marc and Tricia and they have a Youtube channel at “Keep Your Daydream“. They visited the Yukon and Alaska in 2018 and left a sign of their own – You can watch it here.

What’s fun is they left a riddle to help others find their sign. We followed the instructions and found it.

We loved the idea of a riddle so much, Mackenzie thought something up to help others find our own sign that we left at the Sign Post Forest.

Here’s how to find our sign:

  1. Take a stroll past Mt. Baldy
  2. Follow the pink flamingo’s view
  3. Hang a left at the pair of lamas
  4. Search around the aliens two

Hint: Start at the marker for Historic Mile 635

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2 Responses

  1. Cathy says:

    Very late reading this, but… it is amazing. Where have all the poles come from over the years?

    • Dennis says:

      The Sign Post Forest has turned into a destination for tourists, so the town has been putting up posts to make sure here’s always room.

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