Glass Blowing at Lumen Studios, Whitehorse YK

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When we first entered the Yukon, we were forced to self-isolate because of Covid. Spending two weeks cooped up at an RV camp ground meant two weeks we couldn’t visit Whitehorse. On the other side of our trip to Dawson City before heading back into BC, we decided to do one big outing to see Whitehorse.

We paid a visit to a glass blowing company in Whitehorse called Lumen Studios.

We each got to choose a particular style of artwork, from paper weights, to flowers, to hollow spheres. We were able to create our own with the help of their artists.

They recycle any extra glass that ends up being broken, or otherwise would be thrown out. Most of it is coloured glass of various shades. Everybody assumes the the colour of all of that mixed glass would be some ugly, beer-bottle brown, but its actually blue. That’s why most glass blowing places have an abundance of blue artwork.

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