Field of Screams

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So on Friday, September 20th Dad and I went to the Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA. They claim to be Americas No.1 Haunted Attraction. There were 4 major attractions. The attractions were the Haunted Hayride, the Frightmare Asylum, the Den of Darkness and the Nocturnal Wasteland.

The first attraction we did was the hayride, we stood in line for about 30 minutes and the actual ride was about 10 minutes long. It was a bunch of stations. Each station had a different theme. At each station, there were people dressed up in really cool costumes. They were also allowed to touch you too. Which I did not like!

The Asylum was our next stop on the tour, we had another 30-minute line, the Asylum was one of the best attractions. There were over 50 people in costumes in this particular attraction and at the exit there was a guy who had a chainsaw and he would run after some people.

Next up was the Den of Darkness which had a really short line, not even 5 minutes of waiting! It was dark in there, they had a tone of props that looked really realistic and a lot of strobing lights. It was really cool.

Finally, we did the Nocturnal Wasteland. There was no line but we had to walk 1 minute to get to the entrance! When we finally got there it had a Mad Max, apocalyptic, horror theme. It wasn’t really scary because Dad and I were literally running throw it and we were laughing the whole time, but there were some spots where that gave us a good jump scare!
All in all, we would recommend you do it if you have the chance. We both had a lot of fun!

We took a couple of photos but we weren’t really allowed to take photos.

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