Horse back riding

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Friday September 20 2019, Mom, Abby and I went horse back riding at Ironstone Ranch. They’re property is about 275 acres. As it is big, it’s also beautiful.

Photo taken by: Gina Welch

Our horses, in this photo here you can see our guides horse Tango (she’s the closer one) and Shordy (mom’s horse).

Photo taken by: Gina Welch

Here you see my horse Rastus (he’s the Appaloosa i’m petting) and the one behind me is Abby’s horse Dixie.

Before we left Emily (our guide) brought in a horse named Tanner to keep the other horse company. Bogie who is another horse also wanted to join in on the fun, he “snuck” in behind with Tanner.

Photo taken by: Gina Welch
Photo taken by: Gina Welch

Our ride took us trough the woods and across a covered bridge. The whole ride in total took about an hour.

Once we got back to the ranch we found Tanner had escaped and Bogie had semi escaped as well. We found out immediately that Tanner and Shordy did not get along.

Tanner is the white horse
Photo taken by: Gina Welch

Over all mom, Abby and I had lot’s of fun.

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