Author: Taylor

Taylor's the big-time snowboarder of the family. When he's not complaining about doing the dishes, he's coming up with new ways of bugging his sisters.

Field of Screams

So on Friday, September 20th Dad and I went to the Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA. They claim to be Americas No.1 Haunted Attraction. There...



So Tuesday, September 17th we went to Gettysburg. We went on a bike tour of the national civil war Battleground while dad was working at the...


The USS Olympia

So yesterday we went to Philadelphia, PA and we went to multiple museums including the Independence Seaport Museum (formerly the Philadelphia Maritime Museum). There we saw...

KISS band 0

KISS concert 2019

Dad and I went to a KISS concert in Ottawa last night! Was my first rock concert, and it was amazing. They had fireworks, explosions, and...

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