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So Tuesday, September 17th we went to Gettysburg. We went on a bike tour of the national civil war Battleground while dad was working at the best western hotel which was right across the street.

It was really fun and I would recommend doing it. In total, we biked about 11 km, and it took us about 3 hours. It was really interesting and fun, we learnt that there were about 45,000 Canadiens who fought in the civil war, also the battle of Gettysburg lasted 3 days and there was only 1 civilian casualty, it was a woman who was baking bread in her house when a southern solder tried firing at a northern solder but missed and went through the door and hit the women in the back. She died instantly.

The battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle the Americans fought in, to date on American soil. They lost more American soldiers in the 3 days of the battle of Gettysburg than in any war.

This is the monument of Pennsylvania, and on top, you see a statue, the statue is Niki the god of victory.

As of right now there are over 1000 statues that represent 300+ men.

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