The Battle of Gettysburg.

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The American Civil war Battle of Gettysburg, took place in 1863, it was the the bloodiest battle in American history. The battle of Gettysburg took three days to complete, during the time almost 3,155 lives were lost, 14,529 soldiers were wounded and 5,365 soldiers went missing, in total that is 23,049 casualties, for the Union. For the Confederates they’re were 28,063 casualties, (3,903 dead, 18,735 wounded and 5,425 soldiers went missing). Along with one civilian casualty.

This here is one of the houses still standing from the battle.
Taken by: Gina Welch

Mary Virginia Wade also known as Jennie Wade, was baking bread in her kitchen when a southern soldier fired his gun at a northern soldier. But missed, instead of hitting the other soldier his bullet went through Jennie’s wooden door and hit her in the back killing poor Jennie instantly.

A few months after Jennie’s death an unknown 22 year old woman was hiding in her basement when she herd a soldier crying for help. She, instead of staying in her basement, she puled her self together, grabbed some bandages and wen’t out to help him. He yelled at her telling her “go back to the safety of your basement”. she said did not listen to him instead she kept going from soldier to soldier. A southern soldier saw what she was doing he gave her a red armband an told her to keep going. She lived past this battle.

This here is were the bloodiest part of battle took place.
Taken by: Gina Welch

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