The Adventure


The Progress So Far

We had this crazy idea of taking the kids on an adventure before they grew up and left the house. This is our progress so far.


My First Entry

We’ve been on the road for three weeks now and this is my first post! The last three weeks have super been exciting, challenging, fun and filled with lots of adventures. But, we have also...


Naming Our New Truck

Lots of traveling families give their vehicle a name. We wanted to get in on that action and do the same. Our travel vehicle is a black Ford F-150 with a silver truck cap.  I...

House for sale den 0

The house is sold

Ok well that was pretty stressful. Having to keep the place immaculately clean all the time for showings and making sure the pooch and kids were out of the house while people visited. Wasn’t fun....

Are you crazy 1

Wait! You’re doing what?

Why are you doing this? Hey news flash folks! Life is short! We all have people in our lives who were healthy, then they got sick, and then they were gone. You can’t help take...

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