August 2019

Taylor Mackenzie on Fire Ball at Great Allentown Fair 2

A Day at the Great Allentown Fair

Spent the day at the Great Allentown Fair. Its one of the oldest fairs in the US – the first year it was held was in 1985. Allentown is about 1:15 hour drive north-east from...


Naming Our New Truck

Lots of traveling families give their vehicle a name. We wanted to get in on that action and do the same. Our travel vehicle is a black Ford F-150 with a silver truck cap.  I...

Historic Lititz street sign 0

Our day in Lititz

August 26 2019, our day starts off in the country at our airbnb, to get the day started, this morning i made lunch for the day. We all ready to go into Lititz where were...

New Holland rental property 0

Impressions of New Holland

It’s interesting to watch how people have integrated modern farming methods with a traditional way of life. Some farmers here still use horse-drawn farm equipment along with regular tractors. We’ve seen Mennonite families riding in...

Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery 2

The duck pond

I went to a duck pond and there was a white duck surrounded by brown ducks. Tom Sturgis I made a pretzel today. It was not a real pretzel because it was made from play-doh....


Choosing the Right Vehicle For Our Trip

The trip vehicle we chose is a 2013 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew. It’s equipped with the 5 litre V8 engine, 4-wheel drive, the 6 1/2 foot box with a lockable canopy, and the factory towing...

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