Monthly Archive: September 2019


Field of Screams

So on Friday, September 20th Dad and I went to the Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA. They claim to be Americas No.1 Haunted Attraction. There...


Horse back riding

Friday September 20 2019, Mom, Abby and I went horse back riding at Ironstone Ranch. They’re property is about 275 acres. As it is big, it’s...


The Turkey Hill Experience

Mom and dad took Taylor, Mackenzie and I to the Turkey Hill ice-cream factory in Columbia, PA. The factory was 29 miles (46 kms) from our...


The Battle of Gettysburg.

The American Civil war Battle of Gettysburg, took place in 1863, it was the the bloodiest battle in American history. The battle of Gettysburg took three...



So Tuesday, September 17th we went to Gettysburg. We went on a bike tour of the national civil war Battleground while dad was working at the...


My First Entry

We’ve been on the road for three weeks now and this is my first post! The last three weeks have super been exciting, challenging, fun and...

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